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robert_okpuIf we can trust on our prediction skills, the rise of Self-service, Big Data analytics and real-time data, is finally here. Over the past months, the BI landscape has been constantly moving, thanks to continuous innovation.
Leading the vendor landscape to reorder, and creating an increasing pressure on enterprises to change and keep up – it really is: Adapt or die…

The past few years, there has been a power battle going on, for Business Intelligence and analytics platform buying decisions. This battle has now been settled, as the business side has won over IT – because of the high need for analytical agility, and business user autonomy.

According to Gartner, by 2018, most business users and analysts in organizations, will have access to self-service tools to prepare data for analysis. As part of the shift to deploying modern BI platforms. The leverage of Self-service analytics data, will be an increasingly important part of modern BI platform deployment. As 2016 (spilling over to 2017), is the year of modern BI & Analytics.

It is highly unlikely that enterprises will stop any time soon, to deploy modern platforms. As this is the key to creating business value, and gaining deeper insights from various data sources. The availability of analytics tools, data and algorithms through analytics marketplaces, will finally nip the problem of data science skills, in the butt.

Leading to a massive leap forward, in the deployment time and data insights.

Profiting from this shift, are the cloud-based technologies, who cleverly leverage on the shift in data gravity, perception of value and the entrance of new players.

The pressure on IT will further increase, as they need to recognize the full range of different needs. And ensure, that the full range of services are available to address the self-service needs.

In a sense we could say that data is the new water as it is everywhere, anybody must be able to work with it and it is essential for businesses to live, grow and thrive. At this edition of BeslutsstödsDagen, we will provide you will all the necessary handles to grow and thrive in the era of modern BI & Analytics and help you with taking the next step.

We are very excited about the future, are you? Discuss with us and many others, on the 26th of January.

Robert Okpu, Editorial director





(Also called “Beslutsstödsdagen”, in Sweden. It’s the 27th “Data Drives Business” event, and the 14th in Stockholm. Many of the earlier events, have been arranged in Amsterdam and Oslo).


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